On Tue, Apr 10, 2018, at 11:58 AM, Jeff Gilbert wrote:
> Do we have a heuristic for when to /not/ include something from HTML in SVG?

If it doesn't make two features which already exist in both HTML and SVG more 
consistent, then I wouldn't include it.

> More or less, these additions to SVG just strike me as having solid
> potential risk (for both spec-interaction and implementation bugs) and
> negligible upside. Do we have people asking for this?

I don't know of people asking for this, but I would hope that we could share 
the implementations of these properties between HTMLAnchorElement and 
SVGAElement.  The closer the two <a> elements are in behavior, and the more we 
can share implementation between them, the lower the risk for bugs between the 
two.  (Ignoring the general risk of bugs from touching code at all.)

> Are there privacy concerns from embedding pings (et al) in images? I
> suppose we better have been handling CORS requests from within SVGs
> properly already, so it should Just Work?

SVG as images don't have scripting and can't be interacted with to activate 
links, so I don't think it's a concern there.
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