On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 11:34:52PM -0700, Anthony Jones wrote:
> On Thursday, 12 July 2018 15:50:40 UTC+12, halivi...@gmail.com  wrote:
> > I hope that both Firefox and Chrome continue to keep the build and
> > tests running on MSVC. It would suck if for example we can't build
> > Firefox with MSVC.
> I can't comment on Chrome.
> > Will the Firefox team publish builds of Firefox from both MSVC and
> > Clang with symbols so we can profile ourselves and compare which is
> > faster for the webpages we use?
> The MSVC nightly builds will likely continue until we fully commit to
> clang-cl. It is expensive to maintain MSVC workarounds and given that
> cross-language LTO[1] is compelling for Firefox, it is unlikely we'd
> return to MSVC.

Actually, I don't think we do produce MSVC nightly builds. We *do* MSVC
build on automation, but they're not exactly nightlies. You won't find
them along other nightlies. And until bug 1474756 lands, those builds
aren't even with PGO enabled.

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