Hi All,

WebRender is now enabled for most Nightly users on Windows 10 with an NVIDIA desktop GPU. If you're already using it (check about:support!) or want to (set gfx.webrender.all=true), we'd love to have your feedback.

We're particularly interested in finding testcases where it doesn't perform well. If you set 'gfx.webrender.debug.slow-frame-indicator' to true, then you'll get a small red rectangle in the top left corner that moves whenever WebRender is slow to present a frame.

If anyone finds a page where this happens consistently, please file a bug in Core :: Graphics : WebRender, and we'll take a look. Please attach about:support as this contains extra details on the slow frames (feel free to censor listed URLs as needed) as well as your graphics card information.

Note that we're currently targeting Windows 10 users with NVIDIA desktop GPUs, so we'll be prioritizing bugs on that configuration.


 - Matt
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