nasm is now preferred over yasm if it's detected at configure time.

Note that compilation will currently fail if a very old nasm is
installed. If this happens, either update nasm (such as via mach
bootstrap), or remove it, and then rerun mach configure.


On 10/26/18 12:57 PM, Thomas Daede wrote:
> Firefox is switching its AV1 implementation to dav1d, a new,
> multithreaded AV1 decoder. dav1d requires nasm >= 2.10, which means that
> it will become a build-time dependency of Firefox.
> mach bootstrap will automatically install nasm, and it is also available
> in most package managers. Building without nasm will still be possible,
> but will require disabling av1 or dav1d.
> We also plan to switch our remaining usage of yasm to nasm, dropping our
> yasm dependency.
> Thomas
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