Similar to what QA did for previous Firefox feature testing prioritization
we would like to do the same for Fx66. In order to help with the
process, *please
submit your pi-request
<https://mana.mozilla.org/wiki/display/PI/PI+Request> by December 5. *This
is needed to assure QA will be involved in your feature development work
for the Nightly 66 cycle.

*Q: What happens after the deadline?*
A: After the deadline QA will come back with a prioritized list of work
that represents what we are committing to for the next cycle. We want to
ensure this list matches eng and product expectations.

*Q: What if I miss the deadline?*
A: We reserve the right to say that we can't pick up work for late requests
in the current cycle. You can still develop and execute your own test plan
or defer the work to the following cycle.

*Q: What about unknown or unexpected requests? What if there is a business
reason for a late request? What do we do with experiments and System
A: In order to remain flexible, we will keep some percentage of time open
for requests like these.

*Q: There's no way I'm going to remember to do this. *
A: Do it now! I'll also send out a reminder next week.

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