Hi all,

On December 3, we will be merging Firefox 65 from mozilla-central to beta
for the first time. In order to avoid invalidating the testing we get out
of late Nightly and the early Developer Edition builds and to ensure that
we can roll out Beta 65 to a wider audience with confidence, we'd like to
ask that any risky changes be avoided from December 3 until after the
version bump to 66 on December 10. Please also be mindful of any landings
late this week or over the weekend as there will be very little buffer
between the first merge and shipping the 65.0b1 builds, especially with
All-Hands travel.

Some reminders for the soft code freeze period:

- Be ready to backout patches that cause crash spikes, new crashes,
severe regressions
- Monitor new regressions and escalate merge blockers
- Support release management by prioritizing fixing of merge blockers

Do Not:
- Land a risky patch or a large patch
- Land new features (that affects the current Nightly version) — be
mindful that code behind NIGHTLY_BUILD or RELEASE_OR_BETA ifdefs can
lead to unexpected CI results
- Flip prefs that enable new Features that were untested in Nightly cycle
- Plan to kick off new experiments that might impact a feature's merge

Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns.


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