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The Perf Tools team and friends are hosting a hands-on workshop and
training session
Orlando. This is a great time to attend or invite your team to get some new
skills on writing fast software. It is also a great venue for finding out
about the latest profiler features.

The information will be interesting for anybody developing on Firefox, the
web in general. Don't hesitate to join as on-technical users who wants to
help report performance issues.

Thu. December 6
11:30 - 12:30
Asia 1 <https://mozlandodecember2018.sched.com/venue/Asia+1> *Dolphin -
Lobby Level*

To get most of the time, get set up with the Profiler tool and record
performance issues to bring along:

   - Go to perf-html.io and install the add-on.
   - Record your own profile on perf-html.io to bring to the workshop.
   - Read the profile docs <https://perf-html.io/docs/>
   - Go to air.mozilla.org and search for "Joy of Profiling"

Hope to see y'all there!

~ p.p. Harald, for Greg Tatum, the perf tools team & friends
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