Summary: We'll start to dispatch "keydown" and "keyup" events during IME composition.


Link to standard:

Platform coverage: All

Estimated or target release: 65

DevTools bug: N/A

Do other browser engines implement this?

Yes, the other browsers use this behavior traditionally, and UI Events declared the behavior as "standard".

web-platform-tests: N/A due to requiring user input with IME, but we have mochitests with synthesized events.

This new behavior was enabled in Nightly and Early-Beta since 61. This behavior is mainly expected by Korean web developers but we've not implemented this for a long time.

For reducing the testing and developing cost of each web app vendor, we've waited to ship keypress event changes which will be mentioned in following posts.

Enabling patch has been landed from:
because we need to manage those changes as a set.

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