Summary: Implement these properties to control breaks in the page, make page-break-{before,after} legacy shorthands of those.

This work doesn't imply adding new layout functionality, just the style system rejiggering to make us comply with the spec and be compatible with other engines.


Link to standard:

Platform coverage: All platforms

Estimated or target release: Firefox 65

Preference behind which this will be implemented: None

Is this feature enabled by default in sandboxed iframes? Yes

DevTools bug: N/A, existing devtools support should be sufficient.

Do other browser engines implement this? Yes, since forever. Fragmentation in general is not the most interoperable bit of the web platform, though regarding these properties, the only thing we don't support that they would is break-{before,after}: column, since we don't restrict breaking to columns only.


See the following bugs for failures in other engines:

 * Didn't bother filing Edge bugs, given the news :(

Is this feature restricted to secure contexts? No, as other CSS bits.

 -- Emilio
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