TL;DR: Is there a way to make a "manages" declaration conditional, for 
protocols that depend on types that might not be defined for certain 

   I ask because I am working on a protocol that fulfills webrtc's networking 
needs (PMediaTransport), but webrtc can be disabled as a whole with the 
--disable-webrtc build flag. PMediaTransport uses many types that aren't 
defined when webrtc is disabled. I have tried the following approaches so far:

1. Export a mostly-empty dummy version of PMediaTransport instead of the real 
one when webrtc is disabled. This gets me an "error: |manager| declaration in 
protocol `PMediaTransport' does not match any |manages| declaration in protocol 
`PSocketProcessBridge'", even after a clobber. If I remove the "real" 
PMediaTransport from the tree, this approach works. It seems that ipdl files 
are processed in-tree (at least partially) instead of in exports.

2. Make sure the types PMediaTransport depends on are always defined. This ends 
up pulling in a ton more webrtc-only code that these types depend on, which is 
not ideal.

The next thing for me to try is to typedef all of these undefined types to int 
or similar when webrtc is disabled, but I was wondering if there was a way to 
make a "manages" conditional on build-flags?

Best regards,
Byron Campen
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