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As of Firefox 65 I intend to turn the Storage Access API on by default on
all desktop platforms. It has been developed behind the
dom.storage_access.enabled preference. Other UAs shipping this or intending
to ship it are Safari 12.

*Bug to turn on by default*: link to main relevant bug (

This feature was previously discussed in this "intent to implement" thread:

It's worth stating again that this API for now only does something useful
for third-party trackers when our new cookie policy (being developed as
part of our anti-tracking project <
is active.  As such, even though this will be shipped in 65, until the new
cookie policy is turned on for users as an opt-out setting, this API will
be a no-op for all callers except for those users who have manually turned
on our new cookie policy.  The decision on when the new cookie policy will
be turned on as an opt-out setting will be made independently than this
intent to ship, based on a number of tests and user studies which we will
be running in the few weeks.  The intention behind shipping this API in 65
is to lay the ground work for shipping our new cookie policy when we're
ready to do so based on the result of the aforementioned tests.

The notable changes since the discussion on that thread are the
introduction of automatic heuristics that control whether Firefox will
grant third-party trackers access to storage upon being requested which
have been documented here: <
Also, the issue of having web-platform-tests for this feature was discussed
previously.  We are planning to follow up with adding wpt tests in
collaboration with WebKit to ensure our implementations are interoperable.
Due to the small surface of this API, and the fact that we wanted to make
sure it is enabled on the release channel in preparation for the upcoming
plans on shipping our new anti-tracking protections for all users in an
upcoming release, for now we've ensured interoperability through careful
manual testing.

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