We've recently started showing GeckoView web-platform-tests and
web-platform-tests-reftest jobs on Treeherder (Tier-2 visibility, all built
projects and try).

The tests are running against the geckoview TestRunnerActivity on Android
7.0 x86-64, and they are riding the trains as of Firefox 69. Note that all
wpt Android jobs on Treeherder are now for GeckoView; Fennec wpt jobs were
recently turned off.

You can test GeckoView locally with:

./mach wpt --package=org.mozilla.geckoview.test

Detailed usage and prerequisites are described at:


To push to try:

./mach try fuzzy -q "web-platform-tests android"

Our next step is to enable wdspec web-platform-tests (the Wd job on
Treeherder) for GeckoView; this work is tracked in Bug 1560046
<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1560046>. (For context, there
are three wpt test types: testharness, reftest and wdspec. The testharness
and reftest types already work in GeckoView, as announced above.)

Should any wpt+Android questions arise, please join #interop or need-info
dev-platform mailing list

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