On Friday, July 19, 2019 at 3:48:03 PM UTC-7, fri...@jeka.info wrote:
> > Support in other browsers: Safari Technology Preview is the only other 
> > browser supporting this feature
> Chrome support:
> https://wpt.fyi/results/css/css-text-decor/text-decoration-width-001.html?label=master&label=experimental
> Seems other browsers made the same error (implementing text-decoration-width 
> instead of text-decoration-thickness)
> Any change to stop them? Filing bugs?
> There are WPT for text-decoration-width.
> Shouldn't those be removed?
> Should there be a negative test?

We’ve changed the name of those tests and swapped out text-decoration-width 
with text-decoration-thickness. Those changes will be pushed tonight. 

It doesn’t look like Chrome has actually implemented this feature yet. The test 
passes because of a bug in the test (text-decoration-skip-ink: none needs to be 
added to the test and non-reference case). The reason why Nightly has it 
showing as fail is most likely an issue with wpt.fyi (likely because it doesn’t 
flip the pref in our .ini file). 

There is currently an open Chrome bug for this feature, using the correct name 
of text-decoration-thickness 
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