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> Hey all!
> It's been a while (7 months!) since the first Fission newsletter, but
> we've made some exciting progress we'd love to tell you about!
> Enabling Fission on Nightly
> It's now possible to turn on Fission in nightly builds of Firefox by
> setting fission.autostart pref to true. Fission can also be enabled for
> running tests using mach test … --enable-fission.
> When Fission is enabled, each cross-site iframe is loaded in a different
> content process, meaning lots of different processes participate in drawing
> a single tab. The hover tooltip for a Fission-enabled tab is annotated with
> a "[F …]" containing a series of process IDs, as shown in the image below,
> serving as a visual verification of an active Fission-enabled session.
> We currently do not recommend trying to use Fission for day-to-day
> browsing, as there are still known stability issues. However, if you do try
> it out, please file bugs/issues blocking fission-dogfooding
> <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=fission-dogfooding>.
> Fission Mochitests on mozilla-central
> Fission Mochitests were recently enabled as tier-2 jobs on mozilla-central.
> This will allow us to run tests with Fission enabled on infrastructure, and
> prevent landing new features or code which don't support Fission. Tests
> which do not currently successfully pass are marked as fail-if = Fission
> or skip-if = Fission.
> We'd love your help migrating tests to run with Fission enabled! Here are
> a couple of handy tips for making your test Fission-compatible:
>    1.
>    Use SpecialPowers.spawn(target, [args…], async (args…) => { … }), to
>    run code in potentially cross-origin iframes, as they may be in a different
>    process. This API is similar to the ContentTask.spawn API used by
>    browser-chrome mochitests.
>    2.
>    Wait for document loads to complete before trying to run code inside
>    the target window, as a process switch may occur after the frame or browser
>    is created. For frames in content, this usually means waiting for the
>    load event.
> These tests may also be run on the tryserver, however they are currently
> excluded from the default set. They are called M-fis, and can be found in 
> ./mach
> try fuzzy --full.
> Fixing these Mochitests is a goal of our next major milestone, M4! There's
> a ton of awesome stuff happening in M4, which you can read about on the
> wiki (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Project_Fission#M4_goals).
> Fission Talk and Demo
> At the 2019 Whistler All-Hands, Nika gave a talk & demo about the Fission
> architecture. This talk is publicly available on Air Mozilla.
> You can watch the talk here:
> https://onlinexperiences.com/Launch/Event.htm?ShowKey=44908&DisplayItem=E334923
> The slides are here:
> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1equyaJTujM4xF-ucoMZiLE-lo0lbHKFMliUfPE4_1B8/edit?usp=sharing
> And… So Much More!
> A ton has happened in Fission over those 7 months, and it would be
> impossible to cover all of the awesome work everyone has been contributing
> to make Fission happen. We just want to say a massive thank you to
> everyone who has helped with Fission - writing patches, doing reviews,
> planning, and more! We hope to do brief update newsletters like this one
> with a better cadence, so hopefully there'll be another one of these in
> your inbox soon.
> Let's keep fission-on!
> - The Fission Team.
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