If you don't use mozilla::Result, then you can stop reading now.

Result always returned the ok / errors by value. That's fine when the ok or error values are cheap / small, like integers, but over time we've been using Result<RefPtr<>> / Result<BigStruct> / Result<std::wstring>, etc.

Furthermore Result never worked with move-only types, so you couldn't use Result<UniquePtr<>> or such.

In bug 1418624 I'm about to change mozilla::Result so that:

* unwrap() / unwrapErr() / unwrapOr() / map() / andThen() move rather than copy the result.

* inspect() and inspectErr() return a reference to the ok / error values respectively.

The first change allows the usage of move-only types, and is closer to the Rust semantics (though C++ doesn't have the borrow-checker to prevent use after moves).

The second change allows having big Result<>s on the stack, while not paying extra stack space to inspect them.

I audited and changed all callers that were calling the now-moving methods multiple times on the same error to use inspect() / inspectErr(). Most of them shouldn't matter, as moving trivial types doesn't do anything, but for some cases like some usages of std::wstring it should have a positive impact on performance.

Let me know if there's any concerns with this or what not.


 -- Emilio
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