In bug 1575135 and bug 844509, we've changed how configure handles
strings from files and subprocesses, to normalize everything to Unicode.

On systems where the system locale is based on UTF-8 (e.g. most Linux
or macOS), this shouldn't make a difference.

On systems where the system locale is not based on UTF-8, this might
cause problems, so please watch out, especially on non-Latin Windows.

I don't believe things would have regressed (things should be handled
more or less similarly to before). I can think of a few things that
could fail, but for that matter, those I have in mind would have failed
before too.

However, it is possible that a few corner cases that are not covered by
automation lead to configure complaining about some key or values not
being unicode strings. If that happens, please file bugs with your
mozconfig and as much detail as possible.


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