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> What is the tuple we're keying on?

Top-level origin only. This still allows C to attack B in your
scenario (or vice versa). There's a variety of other side channel
attacks on "<iframe> sites" too, including various members of the
Window object, history.length, and clickjacking. It would also allow B
or C to attack A, though there's a number of other things possible
there too.

I definitely think it's worth figuring out how we can enable "<iframe>
sites" to better protect themselves as well as figuring out how to
improve sandboxing of "<iframe> sites", but it would require a broader
effort than caches I think. I think isolating by top-level origin is a
huge improvement over the status quo and stops a fair number of
practical attacks against major sites (modulo popup attacks, see
Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy for that). (Many of which you can't frame
to be clear, due to X-Frame-Options.)
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