On Sat, Aug 24, 2019, at 8:31 PM, Frédéric Wang wrote:
> In bug 1548524, I intend to deprecate XLink attributes (“href”, “type”,
> “show” and “actuate”) on MathML elements. This has never been supported
> by other browsers and AFAIK there is not any plan to do so. Gecko
> actually only has partial support for XLink and there is no plan to
> implement full support [1].
> [...]
> For now these attributes
> will only be disabled in nightly and a use counter will be introduced to
> determine how much this feature is used.

Thank you for cleaning this up, Frédéric.  What are the use counter thresholds 
you are looking for with these MathML deprecations?  A certain percentage of 
all pages, or of pages with any MathML?
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