Here's the list of new issues found and filed by the Desktop Release QA team in the last 7 days. Additional details on the team's priorities last week, as well as the plans for the current week are available at: https://tinyurl.com/yyfhybl3.
Bugs logged by Desktop Release QA in the last 7 days:

Firefox: Search
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1577181 - Improper search engines overflow inside the address bar dropdown * NEW - https://bugzil.la/1577183 - One-click Search engines are not properly aligned inside the search Bar when resizing the browser

Firefox: Session Restore
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1576580 - Firefox session is restored in a new window after hard refresh

Firefox: Tabbed Browser
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1576612 - Middle clicking multiple selected tabs closes only the clicked tab

Firefox: Theme
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1577708 - [Ubuntu] Change Search Settings button lacks dark theme color styling for on-hover effect

Firefox: Tracking Protection
* RESOLVED FIXED - https://bugzil.la/1576562 - [Windows] Certain elements are not correctly rendered in High Contrast Mode * NEW - https://bugzil.la/1576600 - The "Learn more" text doesn't have an hover effect * NEW - https://bugzil.la/1576601 - Inside the panel, the whole text is an hyperlink * NEW - https://bugzil.la/1576606 - [Dark Theme] The colors from "Browse without being followed" panel doesn't match the colors for the panel header

Core: Print Preview
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1576639 - [object XULElement] string displayed instead of Custom Scale title

Core: Widget: Cocoa
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1576877 - [macOS] Firefox Developer Edition title is not properly displayed within the installer window

Toolkit: Password Manager
* ASSIGNED - https://bugzil.la/1576609 - about:logins# page is displayed if trying to open 'frequently asked questions' in a new tab * NEW - https://bugzil.la/1577143 - Unnecessary scrollbar in the 'Sort by' menu * REOPENED - https://bugzil.la/1577177 - Wrong behavior when master password Log in button is used for the first account

Web Compatibility: Desktop
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1576894 - Outlook live - skype dropdown widget lacking padding-right

This is available as a Bugzilla bug list as well: https://tinyurl.com/yy4xnu83.

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