I filed the following entry to bugzilla:

Bug 1578296
Many errors of the form JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/SessionStoreFunctions.jsm, line 392: NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND during |make mozmill| testing of Full Debug of C-C TB.

This error started to appear in mid-July during the local test of |make mozmill| with the FULL DEBUG version of C-C TB.
The number of such error lines is large: more than 400.

Problem is that there is no session-related component for Product Thunderbird. I also noticed a couple of bugs that seem to be related to this issue in Product Firefox Session Restore component.
So I filed the bug to Product Firefox Session Restore component.

But if this is not appropriate,  please change the assignment to a more proper component.
It may be that we may have to create Session Restore component in TB (?)
[However, I am not sure what the session would be for TB. Maybe the last visited message in each folder and what folder was last visible in the three pane layout?]



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