It's a bit hard for me to tell from the description - are these values
dependent on a user's hardware, performance of the user's computer, or
a user-chosen setting?  If so we would want to support


On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 9:54 PM Andreas Pehrson <> wrote:
> As of Oct 4th I intend to land and ship the audioBitsPerSecond and
> videoBitsPerSecond attributes of MediaRecorder on all platforms. We've
> shipped MediaRecorder since Firefox 29.
> *Summary*: The audioBitsPerSecond and videoBitsPerSecond attributes of
> MediaRecorder reflect what an application has configured the MediaRecorder
> to use (and which we already ship support for doing). In case it was
> configured with a total (audio+video) bitrate, or if it was not configured
> at all, these attributes reflect what the UA has chosen to configure the
> MediaRecorder with.
> After starting a recording, these are again updated to reflect the current
> configuration of the MediaRecorder, since tracks are now known and the UA
> may have recalculated the chosen bitrates based on the number and kind of
> tracks that are being recorded.
> At the same time I'm making our MediaRecorder implementation largely
> spec-compliant. There's work in bug 1514158 as well as bug 1512175, where
> the former is focusing on these attributes and the latter focuses on mime
> type handling. We landed spec clarifications for both of these recently.
> *Bug*:
> *Standard*:
> Clarifications were made to the spec to make this more interoperable. These
> were approved by Google.
> *Platform coverage*: All
> *Preference*: There is no special pref for these attributes
> *DevTools bug*: There is no generic devtools support for MediaRecorder
> *Other browsers*:
> Chrome shipped (since 49, bug:
> Safari shipped MediaRecorder but no attributes yet (behind an experimental
> feature flag since TP73, bug:
> *web-platform-tests*: I'm adding one as part of bug 1514158:
> *Secure contexts*: No, MediaRecorder is historically not restricted to
> secure contexts. However some APIs for getting access to the
> MediaStreamTracks needed to create a recorder are.
> Andreas Pehrson
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