I wrote another mini tool for my own purposes that I felt might be of use to more people.

Periodically, I want to gather some sort of data from nontrivial browser runs. So I'll stick some printfs into the code and do a try push -- most often to run Talos jobs, since I naively think of them as best representing "typical" browser usage. That injects my printouts into a whole mess of log files, which I can then go clickety click click for half an hour to download individually. (In practice, I'm lazy, so I download 3-4 and start working on processing them, then never get around to grabbing the ones from the other jobs. Thus wasting 90% of the resources burned by the push.)

So now I have a `get-taskcluster-logs` script that will pull them all down into a directory in one go:

    get-taskcluster-logs -r <top-rev-in-push>


    get-taskcluster-logs '<treeherder-url>'

Much nicer. It is now much, much faster to get to the point where I kick myself for not injecting the pid or some other identifier in my log messages, because I notice that all of the different processes' outputs are smushed together. But that's another story.

For details, see https://github.com/hotsphink/sfink-tools/blob/master/README.md or just grab the script directly from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hotsphink/sfink-tools/master/bin/get-taskcluster-logs

Or checkout the whole repo at

    (hg) https://hg.sr.ht/~sfink/sfink-tools

    (git) https://github.com/hotsphink/sfink-tools/

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