In bug 1591968 I'm trying to add a default-off preference for window.mozPaintCount.

This Gecko-only API returns the amount of times that a page has been painted to the window (sorta, it's a bit unclear what it is exactly counting, given the point of the code where the count is incremented[1], at least to me, or how would it interact with Fission).

I don't think this API should be exposed to content as it exposes stuff that we generally don't want to expose (and makes some information that a page would otherwise need to obtain via side-channels readily available).

The preference will be dom.mozPaintCount.enabled. I don't really expect anyone to be using this with any legit purpose (there were only internal tests, and a quick search only yields various types of fps-counters that deal with the lack of the property). But let me know if you want me to add a use-counter and such for a few releases before doing this, probably would be better.


 -- Emilio

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