I'd like to increase the visibility for this controversial intention.
Currently Firefox send
image/webp for image content, but it fails for navigation case. By adding
to default Accept:, developers can tell the webp support by Accept header
for navigation
and opening URL by other application, other than inspect if version >= 65
by User-Agent.
However, it doesn't not align the spec, and it makes the Accept: longer in
a hack way.

FWIW, we add image/webp to default Accept header in 65, and it's removed in
66 for
aligning the spec.

Please see the detailed discussion in the following bug, and feel free to
weigh in here
or on the bug.


Link to standard: 4.1.3

Platform coverage: This will be exposed to all platforms.

Estimated or target release: Firefox 72

Do other browser engines implement this? Chrome, who supports webp, did.

Is this feature enabled by default in sandboxed iframes? Yes.

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