There is no information about sFTP in this page. Will sFTP work in Firefox? Or 
all FTP related functionality will be removed? Will users be able to list files 
and directories in Firefox from sFTP server?

On Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 5:54:50 AM UTC+5:30, Michal Novotny wrote:
> We plan to remove FTP protocol implementation from our code. This work 
> is tracked in bug 1574475 [1]. The plan is to
> - place FTP behind a pref and turn it off by default on 77 [2]
> - keep FTP enabled by default on 78 ESR [3]
> - remove the code completely at the beginning of 2021
> We're doing this for security reasons. FTP is an insecure protocol and 
> there are no reasons to prefer it over HTTPS for downloading resources. 
> Also, a part of the FTP code is very old, unsafe and hard to maintain 
> and we found a lot of security bugs in it in the past. After disabling 
> FTP in our code, the protocol will be handled by external application, 
> so people can still use it to download resources if they really want to. 
> However, it won't be possible to view and browse directory listings.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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