Intent to Ship (Nightly Only) : Dialog Element
Hi All,
In bug 1645046 <>, I intend to turn html5 <dialog> element on by default in Nightly. It has been developed behind the dom.dialog_element.enabled preference.
Meta Tracking Bug:
This is Nightly only because two things needs adjustment in our implementation.
1. The inert element isn't supported (bug 921504 -

 - For modal dialog, elements that are not part the dialog should be mark as inert, so these elements gain the inert-ness and can't be focused. Since we don't have inert supported yet, users could use tab to move focus out of the dialog, which is not expected.

 - Next Step: The implementation of inert element is going to be started soon (I think), and we can also discuss to support the inert-ness without the supporting of inert element
2. We currently use a temporary solution for the layout of modal dialog. (bug 1637310 -

  - Currently the spec defines modal dialog as an absolute element, along with some weird calculation requirement to make the element centered. This modal dialog layout felt like a hack to us, so we didn't follow it, and instead, we used a temporary solution ( to make the modal dialog as a centered fixed element.

  - Next Step: The CCSWG agreed to switch modal dialog to be a centered fixed element (, which is the same as the temporary solution we applied in bug 1642364. So the temporary solution may become a permanent solution after things have been finalized in spec.
*Status in other browsers*
Chrome has it enabled by default since Release 37

*web-platform-tests*:, We have them all enabled and passing except for those layout and inert related ones.

*Spec* -

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