For a long time now, we have relied on some form of a “Check-in Needed”
flag in Bugzilla or Phabricator to assist in getting patches landed when
the patch authors were unable to do so themselves. This has served us well
for a long time, especially in the days when pushing patches was a more
cumbersome process.

We intend to phase out the “Check-in Needed” flag. Instead, reviewers
should queue patches in Lando once they are satisfied with the submitted

In order to help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, the existing
autonag bot will be updated to needinfo not only the patch author but also
the reviewer if it has gotten r+ but not landed within 2 weeks. The patch
contribution documentation will also be updated to take into account these

Once these mitigations are in place and the new workflow has been
communicated out, checkin-needed will be disabled in Phabricator.

If you have comments please contact me or Joe Walker directly.

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