On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 6:12 AM, Richard Wang <rich...@wosign.com> wrote:
> I also found some mistakes for the list:
> 1. I see some client certificate in the report that it say the email as common
> name is wrong;

I filtered for certificates that includes the serverAuth EKU or do not
include any EKUs.  Can you provide an example of a clientAuth
certificate that was incorrectly included?

> 2. IP address is allowed by BR;

IP addresses are only allowed in the commonName or as IPAddress type
in the SAN extension.  If the rule is _ipv4_not_allowed_here, then
that means that an IP address was included in a SAN as a DNS Name,
which is disallowed. I will also fix the IP check to differentiate
between reserved IPs (as defined in the BRs) and special purpose IPs
(which are allowed if not reserved).  The BRs do not clearly state
that,, and other special purpose IPs are

> 3. IDN is allowed, but also in the report

See my note to Rob; I'm fixing that.  I misread RFC 5280 section 7.2.

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