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I would like to remind everyone that when making decisions about what to do 
about CA mis-issuance, it is expressly *not* a goal for me to mete out 
punishment. Rather, my primary goal is to help keep end-users safe, based on 
the information that is available.

Allow me to add some of my thoughts into the discussion. I've read most of the comments and arguments made here so far and assume that most participants have the relevant information so that I don't have to repeat them again....

I was directly responsible for StartCom for many years and gained some experience in running a certificate authority, writing policies and implementations thereof. I've helped to draft important guidelines and requirements for CAs and in general learned about the mesh of software vendors, certificate authorities and (web) PKI. I'm probably one of the faces of this industry and would offer my two cents in this capacity hereby....

The problematic issue in relation to StartCom is obviously the _two backdated SHA1 certificates_ - however from the strictly technical point of view I don't think that the user-base of Mozilla in general and the relying parties in particular were much more at risk than relying on any other SHA1 certificate that was obtained legitimately before the 1st of January 2016. The risks were probably minimal since the certificate properties besides that were validated correctly.

However, a completely different matter must be considered here - that of compliance to the requirements set forth by the relevant bodies and software vendors. Besides the _loss of trust_ in this particular case, non-compliance happens many times due to _insufficient controls_. Being it either that the requirements weren't correctly understood (not the case here), or insufficient controls to prevent such non-compliance and wrongful certificate issuance.

The remediation and corrections StartCom proposed are significant in this respect - basically Mr. Richard Wang has been removed from his position and unfortunately for him is paying a high price for overstepping his authority. The parent company (WoSign) too has been released of all its responsibilities and a full separation has been set into motion.

The choice of Inigo Barreira as the new CEO of StartCom is probably a good one and we all assume that he wouldn't approve the backdating of certificates judging from his long-time record....however one of the immediate tasks of Inigo will be to implement controls that will make such abuse impossible - not by him and not by anybody else. I believe this is the _core issue and remediation_ here, which was the failure in first place.

(Obviously he'll have to review also other areas and implement controls in case they were lacking or insufficient, something he's doing as we speak).

But by looking at StartCom's performance besides that, I believe that some of the voices and arguments haven't been reasonable during this discussion! Was there a CA certificate compromise? Has StartCom lost control of its issuance processes? Has StartCom in general failed to validate certificate properties correctly? Has StartCom lost its ability to abide and comply to the policies and requirements set forth? Has and does StartCom present an undue risk to the user-base of Mozilla (and relying parties in general)?

I believe that none of the above applies which would warrant such dramatic steps on part of the software vendors and StartCom is generally operating correctly. The particular failure that did happen can be dealt with properly, firmly and professionally as proposed; _without knocking StartCom out of business_. I believe StartCom is still an important part of today's SSL landscape and it shouldn't be in anybody's interest to remove it as a viable alternative to current mix of the established certificate authorities - except if somebody is looking for revenge or other personal matters....

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