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> As pointed out in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1311713 ,
> does seem like there's a rather large gap here between notification and
> - from 23 Sept to Oct 19.
> While it's entirely reasonable that Comodo wanted to ensure that, before
> disclosing any incident, that systems were properly protected - and,
> it's fairly typical in other disclosure circles to ensure vendors have
time to
> remediate - could you explain a bit more about how that time was spent?
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Hi Ryan,
        The security researchers contacted us on 23rd September and
intimated that they had a disclosure to make.

There were some negotiations over the terms on which the information would
be shared and released and we obtained the report from them on the 28th

We stopped using the OCR system on 28th September. 

On 4th October we received a draft article from the security researchers
which there were planning to send to heise.de.
On 15th October we had the first complete draft of our own report and it was
approved and published on 19th October.

I apologize for the tardy production and release of our report.

Referring to the release of our report rather than our internal response to
the report we received, there were too many fingers in this particular pie
and that made for a slow release of information.

Robin Alden

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