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> Of all these, Starfield seems to be the only case where a single CA
> name now refers to two different current CA operators (GoDaddy and
> Amazon).  All the others are cases of complete takeover.  None are
> cases where the name in the certificate is a still operating CA
> operator, but the root is actually operated by a different entity
> entirely.

There are a number of examples, but many of them are older and have
been removed from trust stores (usually due to key size):

Certplus - operated by both Docusign and Wosign
Starfield - Go Daddy and Amazon
TC TrustCenter - Symantec and Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH
(S-TRUST, DSV-Gruppe)
USERTRUST UTN-USERFirst - Symantec and Comodo
ValiCert - Go Daddy, SECOM, and RSA

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