The subject is the title of a Slashdot article posted today.  The
article can be accessed at

The article contains two links.  One is to a Bleeping Computer article
that gives more detail.

The other link is to a Let's Encrypt page where that certification
authority states:> Let’s Encrypt is going to be issuing Domain
Validation (DV)
> certificates. On a technical level, a DV certificate asserts that a
> public key belongs to a domain – it says nothing else about a site’s
> content or who runs it. DV certificates do not include any
> information about a website’s reputation, real-world identity, or
> safety. To me, this means that certificates can be freely issued to criminal

David E. Ross

*  Most state mandate that drivers have liability insurance.
*  Employers are mandated to have worker's compensation insurance.
*  If you live in a flood zone, flood insurance is mandatory.
*  If your home has a mortgage, fire insurance is mandatory.

Why then is mandatory health insurance so bad??
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