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>This topic is frustrating in that there seems to be a wide attempt by people
>to use one form of authentication (DV TLS) to verify another form of
>authentication (EV TLS).

The overall problem is that browser vendors have decreed that you can't have
encryption unless you have a certificate, i.e. a CA-supplied magic token to
turn the crypto on.  Let's Encrypt was an attempt to kludge around this by
giving everyone one of these magic tokens.  Like a lot of other kludges, it
had negative consequences...

So it's now being actively exploited... how could anyone *not* see this
coming?  How can anyone actually be surprised that this is now happening?  As
the late Bob Jueneman once said on the PKIX list (over a different PKI-related
topic), "it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, one freeze-frame at
a time".  It's pre-ordained what's going to happen, the most you can do is
artificially delay its arrival.

>The end nessecity is that the general public need to be educated [...]

Quoting Vesselin Bontchev, "if user education was going to work, it would have
worked by now".  And that was a decade ago.

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