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>> Oh, come on, if that's her job title, that's her job title, and at any
>> CA, that is actually an important job that /someone/ should have.
> I meant the content of her reply, not her job title.

Hi there,

I’m Peter.  I am a Principal Security Engineer at Amazon and Vice President of 
Amazon Trust Services (the certification authority).  I’ve been participating 
in this group for several years, mostly in an individual capacity. One of the 
part of the Mozilla CA program I value the most is open and transparent 
communication.  To that end, I appreciate the direct and clear email from Tarah 
to the group.

As the mozilla.dev.security.policy name indicates, this is a netnews (i.e. 
Usenet) group which is gatewayed to an email list and Google Group.  It is part 
of the Mozilla Forums, which are primarily a place for technical discussions.  
I would hope that anyone looking for a formal statement from any organization 
whose employees participate in this group would reach out to the appropriate PR 

I'm glad to see posts that help keep a high signal-to-noise ratio in this 
fourm, as long as they fall within the etiquette rules 

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