I've started the process of working on policy version 2.5 (does it ever
end? :-). The first thing I did was check in a number of tweaks and
wording changes which were in the April CA Communication, and therefore
had already been discussed, or which seemed uncontroversial. They are
those listed here as being checked in on April 4th (today):

and the sum total of the difference is here:

I've also triaged the remaining bugs and selected some to fix for 2.5.
They are here:

This is not an exhaustive list; this is all the fairly small and simple
stuff which seems to have built up. It may be that when we do all that,
we'll have enough for an update and we can do the big stuff in 2.6. Or
it may be that we then move on to the big stuff without shipping. I'm
not sure yet.

As I did for 2.4, I expect to post potential changes for discussion
weekly, in batches of around 3.

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