The deadline for Symantec to submit comments passed yesterday; they
chose to issue a large PDF[0] of responses just before the deadline,
leaving no time for further discussion and clarification. That's their
right, of course, but it may leave some places where we have to make

I've updated the Issues list:
with the latest information. 3 issues have been marked as STRUCK due to
lack of evidence of anything actually being wrong - including,
importantly, the suggestion that they have unaudited unconstrained
intermediates (further audits have been published).

I would assess the situation now as follows:

Issue D: Test Certificate Misissuance
Issue L: Cross-Signing the US Federal Bridge
Issue P: UniCredit Sub CA Failing To Follow BRs
Issue T: CrossCert Misissuances
Issue V: GeoRoot Program Audit Issues
Issue W: RA Program Audit Issues

Issue Q: Symantec Audit Issues 2016
Issue J: SHA-1 Issuance After Deadline, Again

Issue B: Issuance of 1024-bit Certificate Expiring After Deadline
Issue E: Domain Validation Vulnerability
Issue H: SHA-1 Issuance After Deadline
Issue N: Premature Manual Signing Using SHA-1

Issue F: Symantec Audit Issues 2015

Issue R: Insecure Issuance API
Issue X: Incomplete RA Program Remediation
Issue Y: Unaudited Unconstrained Intermediates

Symantec have also written to Mozilla to say the following:

"We have been working hard on a thorough and thoughtful proposal that
responds to community questions and concerns regarding our compliance
and issuance practices. In drafting this proposal, we’ve thoughtfully
considered the feedback posted on the Mozilla forums along with comments
on the Google forums and other community feedback. We’ve also solicited
input from our customers who are the ones that would bear the impact of
changes, whether as a result of our proposal or any other.

We plan to send a proposal for Mozilla’s and the community’s
consideration on Wednesday April 26th that addresses these important areas:

* The Integrity of our EV Validation Process
* Validity of Existing Certificates
* Increased Transparency
* Move to Shorter Validity Certificates
* Continuous Improvement of our CA Operations"

This date is in the middle of next week. We permitted WoSign to propose
a remediation plan; I think it is reasonable to do the same for
Symantec. So we will wait to hear what they have to say, and then
discuss appropriate action in the light of it.


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