As many of you know, Aaron Wu has been doing the Information Verification[1] 
for root inclusion/update requests, has helped me organize the CA Program 
Bugzilla Bugs[2], and continues to expand in his role in helping with Mozilla's 
CA Certificates Module[3]. 

I have asked Aaron to begin opening the public discussions[4] for root 
inclusion/update requests, and to help me keep those discussions moving 
forward, so we can work through our queue[5].

For further information, please see the entry I added for Aaron in the 
CA:Policy_Participants wiki page[6].

I will continue to be very involved in the CA Program, but as you may have 
noticed I became overloaded this year. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for 
all the work that Gerv and Aaron have picked up.

I will greatly appreciate your understanding and support to help Aaron as he 
takes on more of this work.


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