I think it is time for us to change the domains that we are using for the CCADB 
as follows.

Change the links for...

1)  CAs to login to the CCADB

2) all published reports

We asked Salesforce for a temporary redirect from the old to the new URLs, but 
that was declined because we're not paying for premium support for the CCADB. 
(Other than this change, I do not currently see the need for us to pay for 
premium support.)

So, when we make this change, it will be a breaking change for everyone using 
the current links.

To make this change happen, we will file a Salesforce bug and request that the 
change happen on a certain date, within a certain 24 hour window. So, we're 
planning to request that this change happen on a Friday.

I would send an email via the CCADB to all included CAs before and after the 

I would also need to update all of Mozilla's wiki pages that have these links. 
i.e. all the wiki pages with instructions about CA login, public-facing 
reports, and the CA Communication responses.

I suspect this change will also impact

Is there anything that I have missed in regards to what will be impacted when 
we make this change?

Does anyone have concerns or feedback on this?

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