Symantec logs TLS server certificates that are intended to be trusted by Chrome 
to Certificate Transparency logs. Symantec does not systematically log other 
certificate types to CT, including Class 1, Class 2 and other types of user 

The Adobe Approved Trust List intermediate CA does not issue TLS certificates. 
This subCA issues Adobe document digital signature certificates that identify 
people and organizations and as such they are not systematically included in CT 

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To ask a substantive question, you have asserted that all certificates issued 
have been logged to CT; this Symantec CA currently has no publicly logged 
issued certificates:<>.
 Can you confirm that this CA has _never_ been used to issue a certificate? 
(There ar
 e several other similar Symantec intermediates for which there are no publicly 
logged certs about which I have the same question).

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