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> Hi m.d.s.p.,
> Google have posted their updated plan for Symantec in the blink-dev forum
> (copied below).

Posting on behalf of Symantec.

Google’s latest proposal follows collaborative and constructive community 
discussions. Our goal has been to reach a solution that minimizes disruption 
for our customers and is in the best interests of the entire Internet community.

While there remain details to be considered, we believe Google has put forth a 
new proposal that limits business disruption for customers as compared to prior 
proposals. Notably, Google’s revised proposal would not require Symantec to 
move to shorter-term validity certificates beyond what was approved by the CA/B 
forum in Ballot 193 for all CAs and Symantec’s Extended Validation certificates 
would remain intact. Given the potential impact of any changes that might be 
implemented, we are carefully reviewing this proposal and will respond shortly 
with feedback for the community’s consideration.

We thank our customers and the community for their patience and participation 
in this important discussion.
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