1)      December 1, 2017 is the earliest credible date that any RFP respondent 
can provide the Managed CA solution proposed by Google, assuming a start date 
of August 1, 2017. Only one RFP respondent initially proposed a schedule 
targeting August 8, 2017 (assuming a start date of June 12, 2017). We did not 
deem this proposal to be credible, however, based on the lack of specificity 
around our RFP evaluation criteria, as compared to all other RFP responses 
which provided detailed responses to all aspects of the RFP, and we have 
received no subsequent information from this bidder to increase our confidence.

2)      We are using several selection criteria for evaluating RFP responses, 
including the depth of plan to address key technical integration and 
operational requirements, the timeframe to execute, the ability to handle the 
scope, volume, language, and customer support requirements both for ongoing 
issuance and for one-time replacement of certificates issued prior to June 1, 
2016, compliance program and posture, and the ability to meet uptime, interface 
performance, and other SLAs. Certain RFP respondents have distinguished 
themselves based on the quality and depth of their integration planning 
assumptions, requirements and activities, which have directly influenced the 
dates we have proposed for the SubCA proposal.

3)      The RFP was first released on May 26, 2017. The first round of bidder 
responses was first received on June 12, 2017.

4)      It is our longstanding policy not to comment on rumors or market 

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for this update on Symantec's progress. I have a few follow-up

1) Did any of the RFP respondents indicate that they could provide the Managed
   CA solution in the timeframe originally proposed by Google? (August 8th)
   Alternatively, is December 1st, 2017 the earliest date that any RFP
   respondents can achieve?

2) What selection criteria is Symantec using in considering RFP responses?

3) On June 1st, Symantec wrote that "we are in the midst of a rigorous RFP
   In this mail you wrote that "Last month, we released a Request for Proposal
   (RFP)". How do you reconcile those?

4) There are currently rumors that Symantec is considering a sale of its CA
   (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-symantec-divestiture-idUSKBN19W2WI). Do
   these timelines reflect that possibility, or should we expect requests to
   amend this timeline in the event of a change of ownership?

Thank you,

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