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> Hi all,
> of the CABF Baseline Requirements requires that common names always 
> be an element from the SAN.
> Here are 62 certs, from a variety of CAs which do not meet that requirement: 
> https://misissued.com/batch/1/

I sent a problem report to Symantec about these certificates via their web form 
on 2017-08-07 and received this response from them a few minutes ago:

> Thank you for reporting the issue for Symantec, Thawte and RapidSSL 
> certificates; however, we feel that the certificates we have issued are 
> compliant.  We consider the puny-coded SAN to match the native-coded CN and 
> to best cover both human consumers and machine consumers that need to be able 
> to read the name. Therefore, the certificates should not be revoked.
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