Attached is an audit from 2016.  They are due for another one for 2017.

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Hi Ben,

On 03/08/17 15:38, Ben Wilson wrote:
> Here is the response from Intesa Sanpaolo concerning the disruption
> that revocation will cause to their banking operations:

I've looked up the certs relating to this sub-CA in the CCADB. The key in

appears to be in two certs, which are:,x509lint

They have CCADB entries here (note: these links work for me, but AIUI CA links
are different):

The audit fields for both of these say "Available on request". I'm not sure
that's a valid value for that field; it's supposed to link to the actual
audit. Nevertheless, I am now requesting. Can you please provide the audits
for this subCA?



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