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https://crt.sh/mozilla-certvalidations?group=version&id=896972 is a very
informative graph for me -- this is the number of validations performed by
Firefox for certs under this CA. It looks like at the absolute peak, there
were 1000 validations in a day. That's very little value for our users, in
return for an awful lot of risk.



I agree that 1000 validations in a day is not much, or better to say really
low number. Anyway I was wondering what should be a minimum value or
whether this number is a good metric at all. I went through the Mozilla
validations telemetrics and there are more CAs with similliar number of

In interpreting that statistic, it is worth noting that Banks etc. tend
to have strong internal security configuration policies, which probably
include the disabling of all kinds of application "telemetry".

But it is still worth considering if this CA root should only be a
non-public CA root, included only by local configuration (typically
using the Firefox/Thunderbird enterprise deployment tools in the case of

The age of their inclusion suggests a long transition period if removal
is solely for formal reasons rather than actual insecurity.  And of
cause such removal should be in a form that doesn't block manual
reinclusion via configuration.


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