On Monday, March 12, 2018 at 8:27:06 PM UTC-7, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
> Also, is this the correct timestamp? For example, examining
> https://crt.sh/?id=353754255&opt=ocsp
> Shows an issuance time of Not Before: Mar 12 22:18:30 2018 GMT and a
> revocation time of 2018-03-12  23:58:10 UTC , but you stated your alerting
> time was 2018-03-13 00:43:00 UTC. I'm curious if that's a bug in the
> display of crt.sh, a typo in your timezone computation (considering the
> recent daylight saving adjustments in the US), a deliberate choice to put
> revocation somewhere between those dates (which is semantically valid, but
> curious), or perhaps something else.

Adding a little more detail and precision here: Let's Encrypt backdates 
certificates by one hour, so "Not Before: Mar 12 22:18:30 2018 GMT" indicates 
an issuance time of 23:18:30.

Also, you may notice that one of the certificates was actually revoked at 
23:30:33, before we became aware of the problem. This was done as part of our 
regular deployment testing, to ensure that revocation was working properly.
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