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> A CP is an optional document and may be maintained by an entity other
> than the CA.  For example there may be a common policy that applies to
> all CAs that have a path to a certain anchor.  So including the CA
> list in a CP is not useful.
> I also don't think that the CPS is the right place to list the CAs.
> The CPS of a CA is an attribute of the CA, but the CAs are not an
> attribute of a CPS.  This is why I strongly suggest that the CA make a
> signed binding statement that a new subCA will follow CPS X and that
> the new subCA will be included in the next audit.  It gets the
> relationship correct.
> My definition of a binding assertion is one that the auditor is obligated
to include in the scope of their next audit. How would that be the case
here? I'm interpreting this management assertion a new document that
Mozilla would need to process but that wouldn't provide any value over the
existing requirement that the TSP provide a CPS link (or choose 'same as
parent') in the CCADB record for the new subordinate CA certificate.
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