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> So Apple Computer is misleading to customers of Apple Records, and Apple
> Records is misleading to customers of Apple Computer, is that the argument?
> In which case, no one named "Apple" should a certificate, right?
Your example is perfect support for my position.

Apple Computer and Apple Records have a long and well published animosity
between them over sharing the name, but between lawsuits and settlement
actions have managed to arrive at agreement where both can be Apple for
certain uses and in certain scopes.

What does the average internet user expect Apple to refer to?  Yep - Apple
the computer / iPhone people.  Want it to say Apple?  It needs to be them.

If Apple Records wants an EV certificate that clearly says Apple Records I
think that's clearly different enough that they should be able to.   But
not Apple, that's perverse to simple common everyday expectation.
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