>> 1. I believe the BRs and/or underlying technical standards are very
   clear if the ST field should be a full name ("California") or an
   abbreviation ("CA").

This is only true of the EV guidelines and only for Jurisdiction of 
Incorporation.  There is no formatting requirement for place of business. I 
think requiring a format would help make the data more useful as you could 
consume it easier en masse.

>> 2. The fact that a country has subdivisions listed in the general ISO
   standard for country codes doesn't mean that those are always part of
   the jurisdiction of incorporation and/or address.

Right. For the EV Guidelines, what matters is the Jurisdiction of Registration 
or Jurisdiction of Incorporation as that is what is used to determine the 
Jurisdiction of Incorporation/Registration information, including what goes 
into the Registration Number Field. 
Incorporating Agency is defined as: In the context of a Private Organization, 
the government agency in the Jurisdiction of
Incorporation under whose authority the legal existence of the entity is 
registered (e.g., the government agency that issues
certificates of formation or incorporation). In the context of a Government 
Entity, the entity that enacts law, regulations, or
decrees establishing the legal existence of Government Entities

Registration Agency: A Governmental Agency that registers business information 
in connection with an entity's business
formation or authorization to conduct business under a license, charter or 
other certification. A Registration Agency MAY
include, but is not limited to (i) a State Department of Corporations or a 
Secretary of State; (ii) a licensing agency, such as a
State Department of Insurance; or (iii) a chartering agency, such as a state 
office or department of financial regulation,
banking or finance, or a federal agency such as the Office of the Comptroller 
of the Currency or Office of Thrift

This is broad. IMO we should reduce it to be the number listed on the 
certificate of formation/incorporation so there is consistency to what the 
registration means. We should also identify in the certificate the source of 
the registration number as it provides information to relying parties about the 
actual organization. 

>> 3. The fact that a government data source lists the incorporation
   locality of a company, doesn't mean that this locality detail is
   actually a relevant part of the jurisdictionOfIncorporation.  This
   essentially depends if the rules in that country ensure uniqueness of
   both the company number and company name at a higher jurisdiction
   level (national or state) to the same degree as at the lower level.
    For example, in the US the company name "Stripe" is not unique

Right - this depends on where the formation/registration occurs. That's 
captured in the EV guidelines.

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