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On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 4:24 PM Apple CA via dev-security-policy <> wrote:

> We’ve been following the discussions regarding how OCSP responders should
> handle Precertificates without corresponding certificates and what the
> appropriate response indicator should be (good, revoked, or unknown).
> Based on the recent clarifications at [1], we want to inform the community
> that Apple’s OCSP responders return a status of “unknown” for
> Precertificates without a corresponding certificate. We have identified one
> Precertificate that did not result in a corresponding certificate for which
> our OCSP responders are returning a status of “unknown” (
> We’ve updated the OCSP responders to respond “good” for that
> Precertificate and a long-term fix is in progress.
> We appreciate the efforts being made to amend the Mozilla Root Store
> Policy to explicitly address matters relating to Certificate Transparency.
> [1]
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