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> Using the following practice as described in RFC 6960 should not be a
> violation of the BRs. That is, answering revoked where a pre-certificate
> has been issued but not the final certificate should be OK as long as the
> response contains the Extended Revoked extension and the revocationReason
> is certificateHold. With this practice, it is very clear that the final
> certificate has
> not been issued, so would this be considered a violation of the Mozilla
> policy?
Yes, I think it would be a violation of Mozilla policy for a CA's OCSP
responder to return a certificateHold reason in a response for a
precertificate. As you noted, the BRs forbid certificate suspension.
Mozilla assumes that a certificate corresponding to every precertificate
exists, so the OCSP response would be interpreted as applying to a
certificate and thus violating the BRs.

In practice, I also think that Ryan has raised a good point about OCSP
response caching. If a revoked response for a precertificate were supplied
by a CA, would the Subscriber need to wait until that response expires
before using the certificate, or else risk that some user agent has cached
the revoked response?
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